"Where do I begin...for those of you that know me, you know how much Marley Girl meant to my life for the last almost 12 years. Losing her last year was one of the hardest things I’d have to face. Every morning she was there with a smile. Every afternoon she’d be there to greet me with one too. She never knew a stranger. Her eyes told stories and emotions no words ever could. She was my best friend for 11+ years. I still see her 6 weeks old sitting by the tree on that farm all alone just being her. Independent and not needing to run with the litter, but rather just exploring on her own doing life like she wanted. Instantly I was drawn to her. Over the next 11+ years we would learn so much from one another. City to city...home to home...hotel room to hotel room for road trip after another...she was always there with me. Since September of last year I’ve been missing her sweet face so much. Those eyes, that smile and her precious little squishy nose....
However, today she was brought back to life by the hand of the very talented Dina Kowal Creative. This wonderful human being whom I’ve never met in person received roughly 15-20 images of Marley Girl about a month ago and from there created such an amazing piece of art that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It took everything I had to not follow her progress posts and videos on her page over the last month. I wanted the true raw emotions to be felt the first time I saw the drawing in person and by the video uploaded I have no doubt that was accomplished. If you are looking for someone to recreate a moment in time that is dear to your heart by the lead of a pencil, Dina is your person!
Dina, thank you for giving something back to us that has been missing for so long. You truly captured every part of Marley Girl that I loved so very much. You have amazing talent and I am sincerely blessed that our paths crossed. I am so glad I introduced Marley Girl to you and I do hope her smile brought just as much happiness to you through this project as it did to us over the years. Many blessings to you as you continue to touch the lives of others and bring a sense of healing to their lives. You’ve always got a friend in Texas...."